YouTuber Tanks Coyote Motor on North Carolina Drag Strip

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Shifting from third to fourth via second gear is a guaranteed way to ruin your 5.0 Coyote engine.

YouTube is a place where some folks do greatly enjoy showing off and talking a little smack. Appropriately, folks like that are put in their place rather quickly, and that’s where events like the YouTube Callout come in to play. Held at the Galot Motorsports Park in Galot, North Carolina, a few top name vloggers were finally able to take to the strip and prove to everyone what they had.

All seemed to be going well for itsjusta6 in the above video, whose real name is Gavin. In fact, in his first run out on the 1/8th mile in a blown Mustang GT 5.0, he is quite animated after getting his time slip. He says, “7.062 at 104 miles per hour! I think that’s one of the fastest times that has so far that has been run. That is incredible. That’s crazy. That’s exactly what we came out here for!” Things kept getting better when Gavin beats YouTuber StreetSpeed717 by over a half second in the one-eighth as part of the callout.

Broken Coyote motor Mustang drag race supercharged

Once the sun started setting though, track conditions were looking more favorable for quicker times and that’s when Gavin’s day turned for the worse. In his final run, he shifted from third to second instead of fourth, and over revved the Coyote engine enough to cause some pretty significant damage.

broken motor Mustang drag race supercharged

For Gavin, this meant an 18-hour drive was worth only a few passes, but at least some were good. As far as the broken Mustang’s future, however, things aren’t so certain. Obviously distraught, Gavin gives the low down on the over rev, which caused a lack of oil pressure. It may lead to a re-build, or it may lead to a new build, but it’s pretty cool to see vloggers all together putting money where their mouth is instead of just smack talk.

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