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Mustang Freak
Today 05:48 PM
 Lets see your latest Pics
Awesome Burton! It sure feels great to feel the power and row through the gears! It's been a long winter indeed! :nice: (1,924,145 views, 18,742 replies)
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Mustang Freak
Today 05:38 PM
 Mustangs Coast to Coast
:nice: :yup: (3,658,767 views, 140,741 replies)
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Today 04:57 PM
 My car has two vin #s
:lock: (11,062 views, 69 replies)
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2012 Mustang
Today 03:30 PM
 Fog Lights
My car apparently came from Canada so the fog lights are always on. They go off when the emergency brake is pulled. How can I make them only come on when the switch is pulled? (34 views, 0 replies)
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2012 Mustang
Today 03:18 PM
 Canadian gt owners fog lights
I don't like mine on all the time. How can I shut them off? (1,997 views, 16 replies)
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Today 03:16 PM
 Really happy with my 2003 Mach 1
WOW! I'm a little jealous actually! That's the nicest Mach1 I've ever seen! And you have a blower on it! The Mach1 and the Ecoboost are similarly powered in terms of HP and TQ! How much power are... (890 views, 20 replies)
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Today 02:55 PM
 Codes, Coils ... Misfire, engine computer?
Nope ... dealer service did some investigation, try 1, 3 cyl misfiring on their computer, but no fault light, and the did not feel it. Did the re-learn (a re-learn, did not take any notes ..), then... (72 views, 3 replies)
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Today 02:45 PM
 The Weather Thread
HA HAAAAAAAAA That too! (225,771 views, 9,708 replies)
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Today 02:43 PM
 What did you do with your Mustang today?
The switchback halos look awesome Burton. (507,238 views, 11,374 replies)
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Today 02:39 PM
 Ford takes airbag recall national
That's also what I'm waiting for as well Gabe, as I don't take my car out unless it's 60 degrees and above with dry conditions. My dealership also takes nearly an hour to drive, not so much... (24,982 views, 338 replies)
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Today 02:26 PM
Answered my own question the GT350 red start stop button fits the 2018 Mustang perfectly. Install time less than 2 minutes if you are very careful and just take a pick and pry off the original button... (158 views, 5 replies)
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Today 01:42 PM
 Gap in windows on 2016 Convertible
I purchased my 2016 Convertible on March 30th from a local Dodge dealership. The window had the gap that everyone is referencing. I took it back to said Dodge dealership that afternoon. They put some... (7,803 views, 11 replies)
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Today 01:38 PM
 Best New Hood Options
Still waiting on my hood. I just chatted online about the tine needed before a clear bra can be installed. I was told three months. Am I wrong to think that’s a really long time? I was figuring maybe... (1,766 views, 58 replies)
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Today 12:35 PM
 random stuff
1,500 applicants to sell legal marijuana here in Sask. for 50 shops; city cops want $300~500,000 the first year for extra enforcement (60,608 views, 1,228 replies)
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Today 12:29 PM
 FS: Several 11-14 go fast parts for sale in NC
I have had these items for quite some time and never got around to building my car due to work obligations, and it is time to clear out the garage since I sold my Boss LS. These parts plus LTs and a... (40 views, 0 replies)
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Today 12:23 PM
 Adding the OEM nav
I found my amp in the driver side. So I should get the harness dated after 1/22/13 (157,921 views, 808 replies)
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Today 12:18 PM
 Back from the dead - new tires too!
Finally, she lives! Halos look sweet! (1,596 views, 25 replies)
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Today 12:16 PM
 Track Related Mods
Thanks Pete, that's what I was hoping for! (32,834 views, 661 replies)
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Today 10:49 AM
 2015 5.0 "Tick-Tick"
The D.I. (Direct Injection) engines use very high pressure to inject the gas into the cylinder heads. What you may be hearing is the injectors causing the ticking sound. My C7 Corvette w/the... (3,185 views, 12 replies)
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Today 09:33 AM
 (Another) New Stablemate for Marilyn!!!
UPDATE: As you know I ordered Wruby on Monday 4/16 this week - well on Tuesday 4/17, less than 24 hours, I received a VIN # already! So I entered "D" status. The first time I ordered she was in D... (1,274 views, 47 replies)
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