Pro Drifter Hands Over Keys to His Mustang & Starts a Smoke Show!

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Letting someone else drive your car is typically pretty harrowing, but in Chelsea DeNofa’s case, it results in loads of hoonage.

It’s safe to say at this point that Ford Performance Formula Drift driver Chelsea DeNofa knows his way around a Mustang or two. Despite his youth at 28, DeNofa has already garnered wheel time in a number of different racing formats. But his aggressive yet precise driving style is a perfect match for the controlled chaos of drifting. And just like you or I, that obsession makes DeNofa understandably nervous about handing over the keys of his Mustang to anyone.

But what better place to test these rides out than at Nitto’s Auto Enthusiast Day? In the above video from Chelsea DeNofa’s personal YouTube page, it was there that we saw everything from a Dodge Demon, to a Ford Raptor racer and Chevy Silverado melt their tires. Plus, letting a guy like Adam LZ drive your car isn’t anything like tossing the keys to your pimply-faced cousin. This is a guy that has a fair share of drifting experience himself, so sharing your Mustang with him probably won’t be a move that ends in tears and regret. Yet, Adam’s experience is mostly limited to Japanese muscle, so there’s undoubtedly a learning curve to overcome.

Chelsea DeNofa's Mustang Drifting

That experience shines through, however, in some initial parking lot testing. It doesn’t take long before Adam is “ripping,” as DeNofa calls it. So why not hit the track for some three-wide, super hot Mustang action? Thus, that’s exactly what they do. The yellow Mustang is joined by DeNofa’s FD car and, for good measure, an RTR that looks pretty incredible.

Chelsea DeNofa's Mustang

Alas, carefully measure drifting soon becomes a little boring. So the trio proceeds to engage in some coordinated donuts. And just general hoonage, which is always entertaining. Just another day in the life of a YouTube star and a pro drifter, we suppose. Now if we could just land that coveted tire sponsorship, we could join in on the fun.

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