Mr. Regular Calls Shelby GT500 an “Ode to Mythic American Muscle”


A 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is pretty much the exact opposite of “regular,” but it’s still fun to hear Mr. Regular’s thoughts on the beast.

  Comments | By - July 27, 2016

Body-in-White Cobra Jet Shell Is Ready for Outrageous Build

s-l1600 (14)

When we say shell, we quite literally mean it. And it’s the ultimate inexpensive blank canvas.

  Comments | By - July 27, 2016

Coyote Mustang GT Still Howling After 100,000 Miles


This fifth-generation Ford Mustang GT is the big engine that could.

  Comments | By - July 25, 2016

Mustang Driver Does Donuts on San Francisco Bay Bridge

golden gate mustang

The downside of shutting down San Francisco’s Bay Bridge to do a few illegal donuts is that if you’re caught by police, you’re almost certain to be thrown in jail.

  Comments | By - July 21, 2016

Mr. Regular Visits the Pypes Car Show

regular car

Mr. Regular visits the Pypes car show in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, where everyone tries to justify why their Mustang is the rarest.

  Comments | By - July 20, 2016

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