In the new episode of Motor Trend’s Hot Rod Garage, David Freiburger walks us through the process of swapping the brake rotors and pads in a 2005 GT Mustang, along with installing a new set of Ford Performance lowering springs.

This ’67 beauty may have won more Mustang Club of America unrestored awards than any other car that’s been shown on the tour.

Enter the Hoonicorn

05 Mar, 2015

Before the Hoonicorn became internet and automotive legend, it had to get shook down. Here, in all its ridiculously awesome, unfinished glory, is Ken Block performing said shaking.

Our Mustang friends in Australia are probably making some early Christmas plans now that Ford has announced pricing for the new sixth-gen model, which goes on sale there this December.

Two people were allegedly killed by a Mustang driver during a street race in Los Angeles last week. The driver has been charged with murder.