The original “Gone in 60 Seconds,” literally starring a heavily fortified 1973 Mustang Sportsroof nicknamed Eleanor, is about as revved up as a movie gets. Not to say the 2000 remake isn’t the definition of rubber burning awesome, but if you don’t start at the source, you miss the real meat.

After getting pulled over in a Shelby GT500, we can think of a million worse possibilities than this weird outcome.

We all know that Fox Body Mustang’s have been slowly creeping up in value over the last year, but it seems these two didn’t get the memo, because the seller only wants $21,500 for the pair.

Coming to you straight out of PRI 2014, we couldn’t be more excited to report that Ford Racing is still fully supporting the modular and SBF.

Ford Australia was quick to refute reports that their Mustang would have less power, pointing out that the same engine will be used in both the American and Australian version.