Supercharged Lincoln Mark VIII Will Leave Mark On Mustang Fans

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Lincoln Mark VIII Terminator

What if the Lincoln Mark VIII, the best full-sized American luxury coupe from 1998, had 735 horsepower?

Back in the late 1990s, Lincoln’s Mark VIII was the top of the American coupe market, far better than whatever Cadillac was pumping out, and Chrysler was an also-ran. With InTech power and a comfy chassis, this was on par with the best available from Mercedes. Okay, maybe that was a stretch. Perhaps Ford’s in-house competition from Jaguar is a more appropriate comparison. At any rate, the Mark VIII was a pretty cool luxury coupe with stunning, era-appropriate good looks (that frankly have not aged very well over the last twenty years). This owner decided that 290 horsepower just wasn’t enough, and decided to stuff a built modular Terminator engine with a giant Kenne Bell supercharger to fit the bill.

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Just two years and 6,000 miles ago, this wild high-power build was completed. The seller claims that the car is still capable of 22 miles per gallon if you stay responsible with the throttle, but on the flipside it’s also claimed to be capable of destroying higher-horsepower cars in the “up to 100”. Even at high speed, the large, comfy, leather recliner-style seats and air-ride suspension provide a level of comfort you won’t find in modern supercars. Furthermore, that amazing wrap-around cockpit keeps all of the important information right at your fingertips.

If you still aren’t convinced that this $25,000 car is an absolute bargain (despite being the most expensive Lincoln Mark VIII in the world) just let this passage from the ad convince you:

Look at this sleeper; wind tunnel inspired design, glowing pearl paint, sparkling powder-coated wheels, and dazzling light show with HID headlights, Cobra driving lights, LED lit intercooler and neon rear panel. This sleek cruiser is no overweight slug; it weighs just 3,750 lbs. with aluminum components including hood, same weight as a new Mustang GT. 

We don’t know about you, but we’re sold.

Source: Philadelphia Craigslist

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