Shelby GT350 Leaves Chevy Fan Speechless with Dyno Numbers

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Mega-popular Youtubers link up to hit the streets for some high-revving fun.

If you’re a regular around the old YouTubes, you’re probably well aware of who Cleetus McFarland is. With well over a million subscribers, McFarland is one of the most popular automotive YouTubers out there, and for good reason. His content is downright entertaining and always hilarious. But there’s just one problem with it, at least for Mustang fans. With the exception of his wild GT500-powered Crown Victoria, McFarland’s preference resides in GM products – the LS in particular.

That didn’t stop Mustang Shelby GT350 owner and fellow YouTuber Adam LZ from swinging by McFarland’s shop, however. And with a peace offering of some Mountain Dew, he was granted access. “We don’t normally let Fords on the property,” McFarland jokes. “But I guess we’ll make an exception for you.” We’re betting it has something to do with the fact that Adam has almost twice the subscribers McFarland does. But we digress.

Mustang Shelby GT350

The point of this visit is to use McFarland’s dyno to see just what this Shelby GT350 is capable of laying down. “This car, I’ve been told, made 500 wheel on pump gas. And it should make somewhere along 550 on E85,” Adam LZ predicts. McFarland is a little bit skeptical of those claims, however. “Unless you’re hiding nitrous or a supercharger, we’ll see. Sweet honey barbeque! That’s amazing.”

But first, the pair take a Corvette to lunch. “This thing only revs to 6,500?” Adam asks, hilariously. Pretty lame compared to the GT350’s sky-high redline. But with all that tomfoolery out of the way, we can get down to the meat of the trip. With the Shelby strapped in, it lays down a 497 hp run followed by an even better 504. Which, according to McFarland’s buddy at Lund Tuning, is about right given the car’s mods.

Mustang Shelby GT350

To cap things off, Adam lets McFarland take his Shelby GT350 for a rip. And needless to say, the Chevy fan enjoys every second of it. But honestly, does that really surprise you?

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