Mustang Swaps American Muscle for Japanese Brutality

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Experienced mechanic’s SN95 Mustang’s motor goes kaput. His solution? Supra 2JZ engine swap.

In the world of JDM, few powerplants are as revered as the mighty Toyota 2JZ. Seeing duty in everything from the Supra to the Lexus GS300, this twin-turbo, dual-overhead cam, 3.0-liter straight-six has achieved legend status among Japanese car enthusiasts. And it’s a hugely popular engine swap candidate, landing in all sorts of different vehicles. But we must say, this 2JZ-powered SN95 Mustang recently featured on The Smoking Tire is the first we’ve ever seen.

Despite the fact that the 2JZ is known for having loads of power potential on the cheap, it’s still a puzzling swap. After all, the owner could have opted to replace his blown motor for even less money. So why in the world would anyone commit this seemingly blasphemous act on a humble Mustang? Maybe because, well, it’s different?

2JZ-Swapped SN95 Mustang

The owner’s employment history has a lot to do with it, too. “During college I worked at a performance shop that specialized in Supras,” he explains. “I got a real affinity for the 2JZ while I was working there. And that just kind of planted the idea in my head. When the motor blew up on this, it gave me the motivation for it.”

2JZ-Swapped SN95 Mustang

That isn’t to say that an engine swap of this magnitude was easy to pull off, however. “At one point I had it down to pretty much a tub,” the owner admits. “I was able to take an aftermarket k-member for this year Mustang and the actual 5.0-liter motor mounts and build off of them to make brackets for the 2J. The rear crossmember for the transmember is from a T56.”

2JZ-Swapped SN95 Mustang

We’re sure that plenty of Mustang hardcore types will hate on this car regardless of how impressive the build actually is. And perhaps they’re right. But if nothing else, the owner of this unique ride can lay claim to owning the only California-legal 2JZ-swapped SN95 Mustang at the moment.

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