Woman.Driven’s Shelby GT350 Takes on 2019 GT A10 in Roll Race

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Popular YouTuber and her ‘Stang set out to dethrone fellow Internet star’s 2019 Mustang GT’s drag time prowess.

Prior to the 2018 model year, Mustang fans had it easy. If you wanted the ultimate in pony car performance, you opted for the Shelby GT350. If you didn’t have the cash, a base GT was the way to go. Then, you could mod it and make up the performance gap that existed between the two. But when the 2018 Mustang debuted with its third-gen Coyote and 10-speed automatic transmission option, it created a huge dilemma.

From a dig, we’ve seen more and more of these slush box Mustang GTs outrun the mighty Shelby GT350. This, despite its 66 hp disadvantage. Turns out, that new tranny can shift faster than any human, and the regular old 5.0 is no slouch, either. But what if you take away the disadvantages that a traditional drag race presents? Can roll racing from various starting speeds tilt things back in favor of the Shelby GT350? To find out, Shelby owner Doris, who hosts the popular YouTube channel Woman.Driven, dialed up a fellow YouTuber from Crypto Stang, who just picked up a 2019 Mustang A10.

Shelby GT350 vs Mustang GT

Both cars are stock, so this is a nice, fair comparison. Still, our Shelby driver isn’t 100 percent confident. “This hasn’t even happened yet, but I know it’s going to be a close race,” she says. Lower speed rolls would seem to favor the GT, with faster starts tilting toward the higher-revving 5.2 in the Shelby.

Thus, the first race takes place from 40 mph. And the Shelby GT350 wins this one handily, albeit not by a massive margin. Starting at 60 mph, it’s even closer. The 20 mph roll is even closer, as the Shelby loses traction a bit. Our host calls that one a tie, but it’s hard to say.

Shelby GT350 vs Mustang GT

Thus, it’s safe to say that the 2018/2019 GT A10 is the king of digs. But if you’re moving at just about any speed, the Shelby GT350 is probably going to edge it out. That is, if you can shift as good as our Shelby driver does here.

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