Roush Teases its Newest Mustang

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Roush's newest Mustang

Company’s next custom hints at P-51-like styling cues.

We knew it wouldn’t take long for Roush to roll out a performance package for the 2018 Ford Mustang.

2017 Roush P51 Mustang

After all, the company built its reputation on offering a steady stream of custom Mustangs for over 20 years. We certainly wouldn’t expect Roush to slow its roll now.

If anything, we’d love to see them kick it up a notch. The grueling competition in the world of custom Mustangs practically demands it these days. Not to mention that rival tuners have already begun modding the refreshed-for-2018 model.

Admit it: Unless an S-550 Mustang is beefed up with some visibly crazy mods, you might not even notice it on the road. That’s not a stab at the current-gen Mustang. It just acknowledges that the refresh couldn’t have come at a better time.

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This teaser image from Carscoops doesn’t give us much to get excited about. Simply showing a Mustang with a body kit is pretty much a moot point these days. That said, it appears that the new model takes cues from the 2017 Roush P-51 (inset above). The grille, prominently shown in the teaser here, is similar to that of the fighter plane-inspired model unveiled in June.

Of course, building on the P-51 wouldn’t be a bad thing. The car’s centerpiece is a 5.0-liter V8 with a 2.3-liter Eaton TVS supercharger, which kicks out a growling 727 hp. In addition to the engine, there’s that aggressive front fascia, a carbon fiber front splitter and a ram air hood, among other aerodynamic enhancements.

Performance and looks like that are something we can really get excited about here at The Mustang Source. We hope this new car can deliver.

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