A Mustang Hides Underneath This Batmobile Cloak

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Ford Mustang Batmobile

What are you supposed to call the spawn of a Fox Body Mustang and the Batmobile? A Batmostang?

When you think of iconic cars in pop culture, the Batmobile will almost always be at the top of the list. For decades, Batman’s ride has been reimagined numerous times on film and TV, looking badass every time. But the most cherished version of the Batmobile is the ‘60s-era vehicle based on the Lincoln Futura concept car. So what if you could take the unobtainable style of the Lincoln Futura, but add it to a reliable Mustang? Dreams do come true, my friend.

Recently, the good people over at CarScoops found a Craigslist ad (sadly gone now) featuring a 1987 Ford Mustang customized to look like the famous Batmobile. This tribute is complete with huge fins, a custom paint job, no roof, and of course, a “jet engine” on the back. For those detail-hungry fans out there, the wheels even have Bat Symbol cutouts. Granted, the whole package looks a bit odd proportionately. But if you’ve always wanted to get your hands on a replica Batmobile, this is your shot.

Over the past few years, faithful Batmobile replicas have been trading hands for upwards of $250,000. If that’s a bit more than you have in your “Bat Piggy Bank,” never fear! This “Batmostang” has an asking price of $5,000 or best offer. Let’s be real, there are plenty of people willing to shell out that kind of cash for something as strange as this.

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Now, the $5,000 asking price isn’t without reason. While the exterior looks pretty great for its age, the interior is definitely rough around the edges. It appears that trying to replicate all the bells and whistles of the ‘60s Batmobile isn’t easy. At a glance, the owner’s attention to detail is commendable. The Mustang definitely resembles the Batmobile… sort of. Once you look a little closer, you can see the many rough edges. But honestly, if you’re buying this car, your fanboy heart will probably look past these relatively few minor issues.

So, the only question remaining is, would you pay $5,000 for this car? Come on, of course you would! This is the Batmobile! And as an added bonus, under all the kitsch and nostalgia, you got yourself a Mustang. It’s pretty much a win/win in our book.


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