No-Prep Track Proves Too Slick for Powerful Mustang

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More Danger Might Equal More Fun, but That Certainly Wasn’t the Case for This No-Prep Mustang Owner

No-prep racing is taking the country by storm. Seen as a way to take people off the streets and onto a race track, it’s considered life-saving by some, and dangerous as hell by others.

no-prep mustang

In case you’re wondering what the heck “no-prep” means, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Drag racing strips are often prepped with a traction compound chemical that drastically increases the adhesion levels between rubber and concrete. Different folks swear by different brand compounds, but in the end, the goal is to minimize loss of traction, and avoid crashes. No-prep avoids such precautionary prepping, at least on race day.

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This¬†High Tech Corvette¬†video shows us exactly why no-prep racing is all the rage. The higher-stakes and increased risk brings a level of popularity to this new racing format, which is excellent for fans, but not always for racers. In the end, it’s a cheaper way to race on a track, instead of taking it to the streets. But as this powerful Fox body Mustang shows, cheaper isn’t always better.

What do you think about no-prep racing?

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