Earliest Mustang Coupe Hitting Auction Block

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With VIN 5F07U1000002, This Pre-Production Model Is the Earliest Mustang Coupe Ever to Grace the Globe

Ford’s Mustang is one of the most significant collector cars out there. As such, collectors are always looking for something they can ascribe with a superlative. “First” is an awfully good one. We’ve all heard the story of the pilot who bought the very first Mustang pre-production car — a gorgeous Wimbledon White convertible. But what about the first coupe? This is that car, and this May, it could be yours. Well, if you’re the last person to raise your bidder’s paddle at Mecums’ Indianapolis Auction.

First Mustang Coupe

There are some quirky bits about this car that are different than other production Mustangs. It was built with a Fairlane gearbox, a Falcon 170-CI straight six, a Falcon Ranchero rear end, and a Mercury Comet tailshaft.

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Since the Mustang hadn’t reached production yet, but Ford still wanted to show the car off, they obviously cobbled one together from bits of other cars. This car was given the “show treatment,” where all of its seams were leaded in, sanded down, and painted over. Ford wanted to make a great first impression with this Caspian Blue coupe. Having sold millions of them since, it’s fair to say they did.

Ford historian Bob Fria is the current owner of the car. He helped process all of the necessary research to restore this car properly. He then documented it all in the book, Mustang Genesis. The sale of this car comes with all of that research, including affidavits from all prior owners, and even FoMoCo themselves confirming the car’s origin. Fria has owned the car since 1997, after it previously went through 13 prior owners. Will you be its 14th?

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