Rookie Camaro GT4.R Falls to Veteran Boss 302R

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Previous-Generation Ford Mustang Boss 302R Spoils Welcome Party for All-New Camaro Racer

Imagine you’re the big boss at Chevrolet Racing, and you just unveiled a new, fancy, and very expensive Camaro race car. Odds are good you’re probably fuming right about now.

boss 302r

See, Chevrolet showed up last weekend to the first round of the Pirelli World Challenge in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida. They brought along a menacing-looking Camaro, and a whole lot of ambition. The Blackdog Speed Shop Chevrolet Camaro GT4.R even set the pole position during the first qualifying event of the year. For a second, it seemed like all the hard work paid off, too. But as the saying goes, “races are won on Sunday, not Saturday.”

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That saying proved true for the Phoenix Performance Ford Mustang Boss 302R. Although in this case, the two races were held on Friday and Saturday. In addition, the 302R happens to be so “behind” in technology, that it had to be grandfathered in to participate in this year’s championship. The first race came, and right from the start the Mustang driven by Andrew Aquilante made quick work of the flashy Camaro GT4.R. It led every single lap until the chequered flag came down.

If you think it doesn’t get more humiliating than that for the Camaro, the Boss 302R pulled a truly “boss” move, and won the Sunday race, as well. Yup, that’s back-to-back wins for a grandfathered-in Mustang.

Camaro who?

Photos via: [Pirelli World Challenge]

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