GT350R Tough to Beat for True Track Performance

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Video Captures Another Reviewer Being Swooned by the High-Performance GT350R Mustang

Let’s be honest, you really never grow tired of seeing video footage of the Shelby GT350R in action. Certainly not if you’re a diehard Mustang fan.

That’s why anytime we come across such a clip, we’re inclined to share it here at The Mustang Source. The latest includes the Carfection video below, from the team at CNET. It runs down the unique specs on the GT350R model, accompanied by a little pulse-pounding wheel time, of course.

Biggest takeaway? The fact that the Shelby GT350R is much more than a Mustang with a few unique design cues and a meaner growl.

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“It feels very neutral. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to spit me off the circuit unless I really do something stupid,” says the reviewer. “This isn’t a Mustang for big R sound silliness. This is a Mustang for a racetrack. This one is to go around lines really quickly with a lot of noise and a lot of drama.”

The reviewer does, however, cite a few necessary improvements when it comes to the Shelby’s interior. Namely, too many plastic parts. That’s a criticism we’ve heard from several journalists, when it comes to the Mustang in general.

Still, overall, the CNET reviewer confirms what we’ve known for quite some time. And that’s the fact that for the money, the Shelby GT350R is tough to beat as a true track performer, even when matched against some of the more costly European competitors in the segment.

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