Mustang and Porsche Crash All Over U.K. Highway

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Both drivers were okay, but the motorway was closed for the better part of the day to get everything cleaned up after the crash.

Beating the dead horse of Mustang crashes is getting a little old, but this one is a bit different. Geographically located smack in the middle of the U.K. is England’s M62 motorway, and it was recently the site of a shutdown, as emergency crews cleaned up the mess of a nasty crash.

Details of how the crash went down aren’t provided in this Daily Mail report, but considering the only two vehicles involved were a Shelby Mustang and a Porsche 911, you can draw your own conclusions as to whether or not a friendly speed competition was engaged in at the time.

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Due to fenders and engine parts being scattered all over the motorway, it was shut down for several hours. Thankfully, emergency crews only reported minor injuries, however, the cars fared much worse.

Both cars will be a total loss, as the Mustang was pretty much destroyed, and the 911 Turbo parted ways with its engine and most of its front suspension. Occupants of both cars are very lucky that the cars didn’t plummet over the railings of the overpass, as that would have led to a much different headline.

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