2015 Richard Petty Mustang Listed at $70,000

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Limited-edition model inspired by Richard Petty will likely strike a chord with some diehard Mustang fans.

Remember the first time you heard someone say, “Cost is relative”?

Well, chances are, if you’re a diehard Mustang and Richard Petty fan, it made perfect sense. That’s kind of how we feel about this 2015 Richard Petty Edition GT model that’s currently listed for $69,800 by Chicago Motor Cars (via eBay).

Petty Mustang

Sure, for that kind of cash you could buy a new Shelby GT350 and still pocket $10K. But a Shelby GT350 only has 526 horsepower, whereas Petty’s custom take on the iconic Mustang puts out 670 horsepower, courtesy of a supercharged V8. That, in itself, is enough to justify the higher cost for a lot of Mustang fans.

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Not to mention the fact that if you’re a NASCAR fan, it doesn’t get much better than owning a ‘Stang designed by “The King” himself, crafted with some of his favorite touches. That includes a Magnaflow exhaust kit, a hot rear spoiler, and 3-way adjustable front and rear sway bars.

Then, you might also want to consider that there were only 43 models of the specialty car built. So you can be pretty certain that you’ll have the only Mustang like this one for miles. Well, unless you happen to live near Mr. Petty, assuming he might very well have kept one of those 43 units stashed away for himself. But even then, who wouldn’t mind owning a Mustang similar to one driven by a racing legend?

Yep, like we said, that entire cost thing is all relative.

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