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Shelby American Launches New Super Snake


Shelby American’s Super Snake is back. And it’s ready to tackle a track near you.

  Comments | By - June 17, 2015

Dealership Tech Totals One Man’s Dream Shelby


Marc Mastroianni saved up all his money and bought himself a 2008 Ford Shelby Cobra. Unfortunately, while diagnosing a tranny issue, a tech working on the Shelby totaled it.

  Comments | By - April 23, 2015

Shelby GT500 Driver Light on the Pedal in Epic Rev-Off

shelby gt500 zo6 hellcat srt rev off

Even given the menacing exhaust notes on the new Z06 and the Challenger Hellcat, you still wouldn’t expect the Shelby GT500 to get drowned out so badly by its fellow Americans.

  Comments | By - April 8, 2015

Mustang Falls Victim to Catastrophic Dyno Failure

mustang dyno fail

If you see a dyno in the middle of a parking lot that looks to be held up with a few 2x4s, you might want to reconsider putting your GT500 Mustang on it.

  Comments | By - February 3, 2015

2015 Mustang Rocks S-197 Wheels

2015 mustang s197 tires

Well, now there is even more good news for you 2015 Mustang owners: It looks like, despite Internet advice to the contrary, the wheels of your S-197 may actually fit your new ride.

  Comments | By - January 28, 2015

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