Turbo Mustang Cobra Gets Wakeup Call From Sleeper Pickup

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What happens when a beat-up old Ford pickup races a heavily-turbo’d Cobra? One heck of a good race, that’s what.

With no prep drag racing blowing up nationwide, we’re getting the chance to see more and more of our favorite street heroes light it up at our local tracks. And the drivers themselves get a shot at performing in front of an adoring crowd. Not to mention a safer environment to get their fix as opposed to the law enforcement and slow traffic infested public roads of America. And the action is just as hot. Just take this awesome matchup between the Apollo turbo Mustang Cobra and the “Mutt” turbo truck as a great example of that.

Most folks would never guess that this old Ford truck featured in the above video from the official No Prep Racing Association YouTube channel would ever stand a chance in a race like this. Wearing loads of surface rust and patina, it looks closer to the junkyard than the winner’s circle. But that’s the beauty of drag racing, of course. Looks are almost always deceiving, giving opponents maybe a little too much confidence for that slight edge. And this old Ford gives our favorite turbo’d Cobra fits, that’s for sure.

Ford F-100

The race went down at the always hotly contested Cash Days event in Oklahoma recently. Which, if you’re a Street Outlaws fan, you already know is the quintessential race of the year. Dozens of rides from all over the country meet up and duke it out for a large pile of cash, typically $50k. And everybody goes all out, which means you’ll see plenty of crashes and breakage, too.

Mustang Cobra

In this case, we thankfully don’t see either of those. Just a fantastic race between two very different vehicles. And even though the pickup gives our Cobra a serious scare off the line, the Mustang manages to pull out the win. But you can bet he was probably sweating just a little.

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