Mustang Drifter Chelsea Denofa Teaches Rapper T-Pain His Craft

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When everybody’s favorite autotune artist hits the track in a Mustang, it’s clear he has more than one talent.

Mustang driving Pro Drifter Chelsea DeNofa might be a relatively young dude, but he’s clearly at the top of his profession. But unlike most big time “athletes,” DeNofa isn’t some kind of selfish jerk. One who refuses to share what he knows, either. In fact, he seems more than happy to teach his craft to others, as we’ve seen numerous times. But his latest student just so happens to be one of our favorite hip hop/R&B crooners/song features of the 2000s, T-Pain.

Yes, the same T-Pain who was seemingly featured on every single hit song of the last decade. The guy guaranteed to get your girl off her bar stool and on the dance floor as soon as his distinctive auto tuned voice drops the first lyric. But judging by this quick lesson from DeNofa, T-Pain might also have another, previously unknown talent. A short, two-hour instructional course, followed by a stint in Vaughn Gittin’s Ford Mustang RTR Spec-5D, was all it took for the singer to nail the basics of drifting.


Making this performance even more impressive is the fact that T-Pain admits he’s rarely driven a stick shift in his life. But you’d be hard pressed to tell once he hits the oval. After a timid pass, he nails the gas and immediately pulls off a smokey donut. And it only gets better from there.


With a little on-track instruction, Mr. Pain splits the cones in his Mustang perfectly. Which draws a round of applause from his talented coach. And by the end of the session, he’s drifting around corners quite well. To the point where you’d think he’d been doing it for a while. Not bad for a (rather famous) noob!


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