YouTuber Makes Cop Lust After Mustang Shelby GT350R

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Most of us would shy away from law enforcement when driving a Shelby on the road. Not this guy.

Typically, we Mustang owners are the types who try and shy away from law enforcement. At least when we’re doing a little spirited driving in our respective rides. Of course, we have the upmost respect for the boys in blue. But if you’ve ever been pulled over for just trying to have a little fun in your Mustang, you probably have a bad taste in your mouth for those who patrol the streets. Regardless, it’s hard not to like the cop Tall Guy Car Reviews came across while piloting a Mustang Shelby GT350R recently.

Still, it takes some serious guts to go for a drive in a track-focused machine with an officer riding shotgun. Personally, we’d probably be driving like your grandma on the way to church if it was us. Hilariously enough, the officer seems a little nervous at first. He warns the driver to “not go too crazy,” but that quickly goes out the window. But he’s obviously a good sport about the whole thing. And as the ride goes on, he’s enjoying it more and more.

Mustang Shelby GT350R

Shelby GT350R: Police officer’s complete amazement

Once our host drops gears a few times and gets the rear end loose, our boy in blue seems to suddenly transform into a giddy civilian. But in all fairness, a Mustang Shelby GT350R tends to have that kind of affect on people. And once he gets his chance behind the wheel, it’s all smiles after that.

Shelby GT350R

After a quick lesson on rev matching, our resident officer hits the road and seems to enjoy every second of it. By the end, he’s pushing his own YouTube channel in an effort to raise the money to buy his own. And that’s one shameless self-promotion we can get behind.

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