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Is EcoBoost vs GT Rev Battle a Fair Fight?

One is raspy and sharp, the other sounds like it is ripping through space.

  Comments | By - February 1, 2017

Watch a Powerful EcoBoost Mustang Die at the Drag Strip

Sadly, after a few impressive drag battles, this EcoBoost Mustang decided to die on the strip, just as it was lining up to battle again.

  Comments | By - December 2, 2016

Borla Unveils Plug-In XR-1 Tuner for EcoBoost Mustang

Shelby GT350 aside, everyone knows the 5.0 V8 Mustang GT is the best Mustang — the one to have, right? Think again. The range of performance modifications for the EcoBoost-powered Ford Mustang is growing by the minute, and the newest one is from Borla.

  Comments | By - November 11, 2016

Ford Unveils Performance Power Pack for Mustang

It looks like Ford Performance has paid attention to the iconic words of the wise Jeremy Clarkson: “More poweeeerrrrrr!”

  Comments | By - October 31, 2016

5 Things That Make the US Mustang Different from Its Overseas Cousin

Love of the Ford Mustang spans across state lines, even across oceans. People on both sides of the Atlantic are fans of the automotive icon, but that doesn’t mean the Mustangs they buy are the same.

  Comments | By - July 19, 2016

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