SN95 Manual Mustang Rips off 7-second Passes

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Believe it or not, the toughest part of driving this Mustang is finding traction, not ripping gears.

Thanks to Ford’s excellent new 10R80 10-speed transmission, people are making the once unthinkable switch from manuals in throes. And even the stodgiest of row-your-own fanatics are finding it hard to defend our choice of transmission these days. But that’s what happens when a simple Mustang transmission choice can mean four to five tenths in the quarter mile. Thankfully, there are still some hardcore stick guys out there fighting the good fight.

One of which is the amazing, wheel-yanking New Edge Mustang captured in this video from YouTuber BigKleib34. And even better, it still has a regular old 4.6-liter mod motor under the hood. A heavily-modified one, of course. It’s a full-on race mill, in fact, with a massive custom intake manifold, worked-over heads, and twin Precision 62mm turbos.

As you might imagine, the driver does have some problems hooking up with that new combo on a small tire.

New Edge Mustang

But when it does hook, this Mustang seriously books. It eventually cracks the elusive 7-second barrier by running a 7.92 at 180 mph. Which, quite honestly, is absolutely amazing. We’ve seen some stripped manual cars run these kinds of times, but this is a real car with real sheetmetal. Heck, it even has the original dash in place.

New Edge Mustang

So maybe it isn’t quite time for us manual guys to wave the white flag just yet. When you’ve got cars like this incredible Mustang ripping up the track, there might just be hope for us yet.

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