Worked 10-speed Mustang GT Outruns Manual Hellcat Challenger

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Quick-shifting transmission gives the Mustang the clear advantage in the quarter mile battles.

In stock form, it is hard to compare a newer Ford Mustang GT to a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The Mustang comes with “just” 460 horsepower while the supercharged Challenger packs 707 horsepower. However, this video from  YouTuber Mod2Fame Vlog shows what happens when a modified Mustang with the new 10-speed automatic transmission takes on a stock Challenger with the six-speed manual.

The video begins with Mod2Fame host Stefan Williams talking about his day at the track. He is swapping out his custom stock wheels and low profile tires for a set of drag radials from a friend’s new Demon. His hope that he can run quicker than his previous best time of 11.7 with the stickier tires while running against the Ford Mustang of YouTuber StangMode at the Maple Grove YouTube callout racing event.

StangMode Mustang GT


The video above showcases three races between a 2018 Ford Mustang GT and a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

StangMode’s Mustang GT has an intake, headers and a tune that come together to yield 510 rear wheel horsepower. It also has the quick-shifting 10-speed automatic transmission, drag radials, custom front and rear wheels and it is “gutted”, likely meaning that the interior is stripped bare.

The Challenger has stock power and a six-speed manual transmission, but it is lowered with custom front wheels along with 18-inch wheels and Nitto drag radial tires from the SRT Demon. Figure that this Dodge should be making around 650 rear wheel horsepower.

Mod2Fame Hellcat Challenger

In other words, the Challenger has far more power, but it weighs more and is at a disadvantage with the manual transmission. The Mustang has less power but it is considerably lighter and has the 10-speed transmission. This video shows what a difference the transmission makes.

Racing Action

Mod2Fame and StangMode make three head-to-head runs and we watch from a rear-facing camera mounted in the Challenger. We can only see the Mustang through the passenger’s side window and in the first race, the Ford gets off of the line so quickly that we don’t get to see it during the race, but we know that it wins. Unfortunately, there are no times announced for this run.

On the second run, the Hellcat is right with the Mustang on the launch, but the Ford inches away as the 10-speed gets through the gears more quickly while the Challenger driver over-revs second gear. Once again, the Ford gets the win, running an 11.311 to the Dodge’s 11.554.

Hellcat Racing a Mustang GT

Finally, on the last run, the Challenger driver launches harder and takes an early lead. Even though the Hellcat has far more power, we can watch how the Mustang closes in and passes with each of the manual shifts from the Dodge and once again, the Ford wins the race. We don’t get to see any numbers for this run, but we know that the Hellcat went slower than the run before in losing its third-straight race.

In the end, this shows that a lightly worked 2018 Mustang GT with the 10-speed automatic transmission can outrun a stock Hellcat Challenger with a manual transmission and a driver who struggles to get through the gears cleanly.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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