2018-2019 Mustang GT Engine Tick: Should You Be Concerned?

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Ford’s mighty 10R80 and Gen. 2 Coyote combo may have its quirks but don’t go rushing to reflash anything just yet.

The video above comes to us from the Zander13 YouTube channel and it features Mustang GT owner and channel host Alex Alvord explaining why he doesn’t worry about the “engine tick” from his 5.0-liter V8 engine.

In a previous video, Alvord made a comment about how people shouldn’t be making videos about the 5.0-liter engine tick and some viewers took that as his way of saying that owners shouldn’t complain about problems. What he actually meant is that people who don’t have experience with the cars should not be trashing it online, but he reiterates that owners should absolutely report this problem to Ford.

He goes on to explain that his Ford Mustang GT has the engine tick but he doesn’t let that occasional noise keep him from enjoying his pony car.

Alvord Talks Mustang

Engine Tick

Around the three-minute mark, Alvord shares a short video of his Mustang idling when cold, and the engine tick is clearly audible. He points out that it doesn’t tick all of the time when cold and it always goes away when the engine gets up to proper operating temperature. More importantly, he has closely examined his used oil after changing it, and there was no sign of metal shavings or anything else that would suggest that there are internal engine issues.

New Ford Mustang GT Side

Since the problem is intermittent, it goes away when the engine warms up and the dirty oil is free of shavings, Alvord goes on enjoying his new Mustang GT with the plans of major modifications in the next year. He points out that some people run a friction modifier such as CeraTec, but he does not and he is unconcerned about the noise at this point.

10R80 Reflash

During the early portion of the video, Alvord mentions that he had to take his Mustang GT to the dealership for a reflash of the 10r80 automatic transmission. Later in the video, he explains that prior to the reflash, there was a loud clunk when shifting into fifth gear on a hard pull, but after the reflash, the sound is gone.

He also states that the car feels stronger but the bottom line is that reflash cleared up the clunking noise going into fifth gear.

New Ford Mustang GT Front

The video ends with a discussion of what is coming for the future of the car as Alvord drives to the barber for a beard trim, giving us a final look at his Ford Mustang GT in stock form.

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