Shelby GT500’s Previous Owner Floored by New Owner’s 900-HP Upgrade

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Selling a car like a Shelby is hard enough, but how about driving it again eight years later with a massive power increase?

For most of us, parting with a beloved car is a terribly sad experience. You just develop a bond with vehicles that makes them hard to get rid of, unless it’s a total junker. That certainly isn’t the case with something like any gen of the Shelby GT500, an amazing car in every right. And while we often worry that the person we sell our beloved ride to will destroy it, that certainly wasn’t the case with YouTuber JD JoyrideTV and his Shelby GT500.

In fact, he was cool enough to let the previous owner take another spin in his blown Mustang. But not before he performed a series of mods to the car that cranked it up to 776 hp at the wheels and well over 900 at the crank. Which is a big difference from the way the previous owner purchased the car. “It was virtually stock,” he admits. “It had some weird wheels on it. I did install some basic bolt-ons.”

Mustang Shelby GT500

After the new owner purchased the car in 2011, things escalated quickly. He first installed a Gen 1 VMP blower in place of the stock huffer. And that eventually gave way to a Gen 3. Now that it’s producing some serious power, we were curious to see what the previous owner thinks about it.

Mustang Shelby GT500

Needless to say, he’s impressed, even from the passenger seat “It feels nasty,” he says. “So much better. It’s a totally different car. It just sets you back the whole way. It’s as strong on that initial punch as it is at 6,000 RPM.”

Mustang Shelby GT500

Those impressions only grow stronger once he’s behind the wheel of this Shelby GT500. “Dude, it feels so good. It feels so good to be home,” he says. And judging by his reaction, we wouldn’t be surprised to see him behind the wheel of another Mustang soon.

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