Mustang Sees Massive Power Increase with Supercharger Swap

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Three different blower setups dyno’d back-to-back produces one clear winner in this killer S197 Mustang.

If you’ve been following along with Mustang lover and uber-popular YouTuber ThatDudeinBlue, you already know all about his S197 Mustang he lovingly calls “Smurf.” The beautiful Grabber Blue ride has provided its owner with many miles of smiles, mostly thanks to the ProCharger he’s had under the hood for the last three years. But recently, TDIB felt like it was time for an upgrade. So he rang up VMP Performance and headed south to try out a pair of their huffers.

After removing the centrifugal ProCharger, the plan was to try out two of VMP’s offerings – the older Gen 2 and the new Gen 3. In between each step, they put the Mustang on the dyno, tuned it, and noted the results. TDIB had relatively low expectations going in, save for a possible increase in lb-ft. “We are basically going to try and match the horsepower peak with a similar amount of boost. But the torque is going to be completely different with this style supercharger.”

S197 Mustang

Which makes sense given the fact that centrifugal superchargers don’t really come on until after around 4,000 RPM. VMP’s twin-screw setup, on the other hand, provides boost from the second you hit the go pedal all the way to redline. But even with a larger pulley, the Gen 2 offers up better than expected results. “Wow, did it match the ProCharger,” TDIB says. “Almost exactly, but with 100 more ft-lbs of torque.”

S197 Mustang

Things get even better with the Gen 3 in place. On the very first pull, the Mustang makes 710 hp at the wheels, which is a massive increase over the Gen 2’s 628. Clearly, blower technology has come a long way in just a few years. And we Coyote owners are obviously the winners.

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