Shelby GT500 Saves Christmas with 900 Supercharged Horses

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After running terribly late, Santa turns to a Youtuber with a blown 2008 Mustang owner for help.

The video above comes to us from the JD JoyrideTV YouTube channel and it features a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that is helping to save Christmas. Even though Santa is magic, somehow delivering gifts all around the entire world in the span of a day in an antique sled pulled by magic flying reindeer, he occasionally gets behind schedule.

This clip shows such an instance, where the Jolly Fat Man is running late and as a result, he has to turn to a GT500 owner for a quick ride back to the North Pole.

Santa’s Rough Day

The clip begins with a family coming downstairs shortly after 7 am on Christmas morning, only to find that Santa Claus is still there, carefully packing presents under the tree. When the family points out that he is running late, Santa asks if he could get a ride back to the North Pole. We don’t know where his sleigh and reindeer went, maybe they were trying to stay on schedule and headed home without Santa, but in any case, the homeowner offers to give him a ride back to his home atop the world.

Santa in the Living Room

While that seems like a long, time-consuming drive, the homeowner happens to have a built, 900-horsepower Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, so it has no issue covering large amounts of ground in a small amount of time.

Santa Waving from a GT500 Mustang

Chevy Guy Loves the GT500

When the video begins, we learn that this is not Santa Claus, it is Santa Steve, who does parties and other events around the Virginia area, including fundraising events where he poses for pictures with kids and pets. We also learn that Santa Steve is a Chevy guy, having owned a long list of classic GM products, but once the chit-chat is over, the GT500 owner puts the hammer down and the two race off towards the North Pole. The car roars down the street with the Eaton supercharger providing a lovely soundtrack for the high performance fun.

Santa GT500 Mustang Hat Grab

With 900 horsepower being sent towards the rear wheels on a cold day, the Shelby Mustang struggles for traction on the cold pavement, but it still pulls hard enough to nearly make Santa’s hat fly off of his head. Chevy guy or not, this Santa stand-in is clearly impressed with the performance of the worked Shelby GT500 while appreciating the ride home on a busy day.

GT500 Mustang Hood Moving

Crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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