S550 Burns Tires, Then Promptly Burns to the Ground

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Poor Mustang was just doing its thing when it suddenly burst into flames.

By now, we’re used to seeing exotic cars suddenly burst into flames and burn to the ground. These types of things just seem to happen to Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini machines. But we’ve never, and we mean never, seen an S550 Mustang engulfed in flames after doing something as simple as cutting some smokey donuts in a parking lot. That is, until now.

In this shocking video from YouTuber Sinclair Photos, we get to see this perplexing problem unfold firsthand. According to the description, it all goes down at a car meet where this Mustang owner was simply showing off for the crowd. You know, the kind of thing we see all the time. There’s even a group of dummies who get way to close to the spinning car for comfort.

S550 Mustang

But as soon as the Mustang stops the shenanigans, things quickly go horribly wrong. You can clearly see flames underneath the car near the engine, and smoke begins billowing out. But instead of someone grabbing a fire extinguisher or calling 911, they record it for social media. Heck, nobody even gets out of the way, and one guy even lays down to look under the car. Such are the times we live in.

S550 Mustang

Despite one guy’s feeble attempt to extinguish the flames with what appears to be a canned beverage, it’s simply not happening. Finally, someone comes along with a fire extinguisher. But at this point, the hood’s way to hot to open.

S550 Mustang

Thus, the poor Mustang just continues to burn until the fire department shows up. So let this be a lesson, folks. Perhaps it’s time we all started to carry a fire extinguisher in our own cars, just in case.

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