Blown S550 Mustang Burns to the Ground in Horrific Dyno Accident

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Even with minor gas fumes, using heaters while working on a vehicle can lead to disaster, as this poor Mustang owner found out.

If you’re a regular watcher of the many great Mustang YouTube channels out there, you’re probably familiar with Speed Addict 731. It’s run by a guy named Ken, one of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. Ken is a Ford tech and the owner of a pair of S550 Mustangs. But his Roush-blown 2017 has been the most frequent subject of his many videos. The car has been quite the demon at the track as well, running a best quarter-mile of 10.68 at 129 miles per hour.

Ken’s channel has provided many Mustang owners with both entertainment and valuable information. So as you can imagine, his recent brush with death has drawn a massive outpouring of support. It all went down when Ken took his blown Mustang by 412 Dyno Shop out in Parsons, Tennessee. But what happened next is an important lesson/reminder for anyone working on their own car in cold weather.

S550 Mustang

At the shop, Ken and the folks at 412 discovered what they thought was bad fuel in the car. “They were emptying the tank on my car,” Ken recalls. “It’s the middle of winter, with heaters involved. The fumes weren’t horrible, so we didn’t think a lot about it. I’ve worked in shops for years, and there’s always fumes with heaters. Unfortunately, this time, things went kind of wrong.”

S550 Mustang Fire

The fumes ignited and sparked a flash fire which quickly engulfed the entire shop. Amazingly, even though Ken was quite close to his Mustang at the time, he suffered only some second-degree burns. No one else suffered serious injuries, outside of some minor burns. The Mustang and the shop, of course, weren’t so lucky.

S550 Mustang Fire

It’s a horrible accident, of course but also a very important reminder. When you’re working on your Mustang this winter, remember that gas fumes and heaters just don’t mix.

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