S550 Mustang Schools Ferrari 458 on the Art of Donuts

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Prancing Horse fails to match Mustang S550 in a battle to see who can disappear in their own smoke screen first.

As you probably already know, the S550 Mustang is good at a lot of things. Straight off the factory floor, it’s a pretty formidable straight-line and track racer. Add some bolt-ons or a power adder, and it’s capable of taking down just about anything in its path. But the latest and greatest Mustang gen is also pretty good at just being an all-round hoon machine, too.

Heck, the new Mustang does come with factory line-lock. It’s almost like Ford wants us to burn our rear tires to nothing, leaving behind piles of smoking molten rubber. So many Mustang owners are happy to oblige, racking up hefty tire bills like they’re just regular business expenses. And as you might imagine, they do a pretty good job at it. Just take a look at this short clip from YouTuber Mike M Production and you’ll see what we mean.

S550 Mustang

It kicks off with a yellow S550 doing some pretty impressive donuts. After generating enough smoke that you simply can’t see him, he bows to let a fancy Ferrari 458 Italia make his own attempt. The Italian exotic does a fairly good job, but it’s clear that the S550 is the superior smoke machine here.

S550 Mustang

And that shouldn’t surprise anyone, really. Even though the Prancing Horse is a formidable performance ride in its own right, we’re guessing the owner doesn’t do this kind of thing on a daily basis. Not to mention they are not very torque-y to begin with. After all, Ferrari parts are kinda expensive compared to Ford. Regardless, we’ll take our favorite American muscle car any day of the week, no matter what kind of contest you’re putting on.

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