Mustang Makes Headlines for Running Into Crowd Once Again

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The Mustang’s misbehaving was filmed in several different video angles, including from above thanks to a drone.

The 2017 version of “Death and Taxes” might as well be called “Trump-Tweets and Mustangs.” Regardless of what’s happening in the world, we can count on two things: nutty tweets from POTUS and Mustangs crashing into crowds.

Unfortunately, this has happened one more time. Sadly, it won’t be the last. However, at least drivers are being held accountable — although not always by the appropriate authorities. These videos you see were taken at the Bing Bang Meet in Bellflower, California. From the videos, it’s clear that several vehicles were taking part in some sort of donut/burnout/drifting exhibition while surrounded by a large crowd.

Initially, the white convertible Mustang can be seen doing donuts along with a black pickup truck, until he screws up and darts into the crowd. For whatever reason, the driver slowed down and lost momentum and rpm. That allowed the tires to grip and steer the car into the crowd instead of breaking loose and rotating the car around. Clearly, a big mistake.

This situation differs from most as angry fans instantly swarmed the car. They adopted a vigilante attitude pretty quickly. What looks like a vicious mob vandalizes the car and attempts to deliver some sort of justice for the injured victims. Or they simply use the situation as an excuse to act like a bunch of assholes.

Either or, the Ford Mustang is once again disgraced by an idiot.

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