Mustang Triplets Collectively Stomp a Camaro

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There’s a reason why the later-model Mustang is such a popular racer.

As we devoted Mustang fans already know, the S197 and S550 have both proven to be formidable street and track racers. With a handful of mods and oftentimes boost, they’re also capable of punching above their weight (price) class. It’s a lesson that many Chevy and Dodge owners have learned the hard way. The latest of which is C7 Corvette owner and YouTuber Savage Speed TV.

In this video, our host meets up with a guy in a Camaro and a whole line of Mustangs. After a little Mustang on Mustang action, we get to see a bolt-on E85 Ford handily outrun the similarly-modded Camaro. Then all three ponies run each other in an unsurprisingly close race. After all, all them are basically running the same mods, making this one a proper driver’s race.

Mustang Street Racing

Sadly, our host decides not to partake in the action and simply serves as the camera car. However, it’s pretty obvious that his Corvette is supercharged. This certainly means that it’ll probably hold its own against the naturally-aspirated Mustang triplets but we guess that’s a battle for another day.

One severe beating is sufficient enough to please the FoMoCo gods in one day. Though, it’s worth noting that he also currently owns a 1,000-HP “Killa Bee” S550 of his own.

Mustang Street Racing

Regardless, this video is just further proof of why later-model Mustangs are so popular. Especially for those who like to partake in a little roll or dig racing. With just basic bolt-ons and an E85 tune, they’re immediately transformed into formidable foes. no matter what the surface might be. And that, folks, is the Ford Performance way.

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