Mystic Terminator, Saleen or Coyote-swap SN95: Which Would You Pick?

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Lucky YouTuber gets to play with one of these legendary Mustangs on the way to a car show.

The TKO Resto YouTube channel just released a particularly cool video that features an array of SN95 and New Edge Mustang porn. Channel host Tyler Kleer introduces us to three cars owned by a Mustang lover named Nick Rolocut, followed by a cruise to a large car show where we see more engine-swap cars and the footage ends with another cruise with the trio of Rolocut’s pony cars.

Rolo’s Stable

The video begins with a look at three Ford Mustangs owned by Rolocut, including a Mystic “Terminator” Cobra, a Saleen S-281 and a 1996 Cobra that has been fitted with a “fully built” 5.0-liter Coyote V8. After brief walk-arounds of each car, Kleer climbs into the driver’s seat of the Saleen with Nick (the owner) driving the Terminator and a friend named Brent driving the Coyote car.

Terminator Cobra and Coyote Swap SN95 Mustang

The three cruise to a car show that appears to be at UConn’s football stadium. While there, the Mystic Cobra wins its class, so after the three had left, they returned to get the award and to get more footage.

Rolo's Saleen Mustang

Car Show

While filming at the show, we see a handful of sick Mustangs rolling in, followed by a close-up look at a pair of built SN95 cars that belong to brothers. One is powered by a ProCharged 4.6-liter 4V engine and the other is powered by what looks to be a stock Coyote.

SN95 Mustang Swap Pair at a Show

We get a look at these cars from every angle at the car show and later on, we get to watch and listen as the ProCharged 4V car carefully loads onto the trailer to head home.

ProCharged 4V SN95 Mustang on a Trailer

Finally, as the festivities finish up at the car show, the crew heads home, with Kleer running the camera from inside of the Mystic Cobra. During that drive home, one of the other drivers caught a short clip of the Terminator making a hard pull on the highway and it sounds absolutely incredible, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

Terminator Cobra Mustang Pull

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