D.I.Y.: How to Dismantle the Dash of Your S197 Mustang

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2005 Mustang Dash

The dash panels of the S197 Mustang have to be removed in a specific order, detailed in this DIY.

One of the forum members took the dash of her S197 Ford Mustang apart to replace a variety of the panels and during the process, she put together a great DIY explaining the order in which the panels have to be removed for the least headache. This thread is great for anyone adding new panels, but if you are looking to access the gauge cluster, the stereo head unit or anything else that requires tearing down the dash – this is a handy write-up to have bookmarked.

The Introduction

Before getting into the process of dismantling the dash of the S197 Mustang, forum member “BlueSkyVert” explained her motivation for putting together the DIY. She also included the short tool list, emphasizing the importance of patience while removing the various pieces of the interior.

I am swapping out my dash panels, and realized that having this information step-by-step in one place would have saved me some time. So I decided to do a quick DIY on this process while I did it myself

Tool List
– 7MM socket
– 8MM socket
– Phillips head screwdriver

Thanks tmcolegr!

The Teardown

Removing all of the dash panels of the early S197-era Ford Mustang begins with the bezel around the instrument cluster, which simply pulls away from the clips that hold it in place. Everything else is bolted down, but before getting into more removal, the OP points out the importance of disabling the passenger’s side airbag.

Mustang Fuse Box

Once the right-side airbag of the Mustang is disarmed, the full teardown can begin. You will need to remove the glove box, the air bag panel and the passenger-side HVAC vent. The airbag panel is the trickiest piece and the OP also shows how to separate the airbag module from the dash panel, for those who are changing the panels themselves.

Mustang No Airbag

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