Mustang GT vs. Camaro SS 1LE: Desert Drag Race Showdown!

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Down and dirty drag race begs one shocking question: Is the 2018 Mustang GT underrated?

Since the beginning of time (well, maybe the advent of the automobile), we’ve watched countless drag races. Heck, long before mortal man realized it was fun to line up two muscle cars, we imagine they did the same thing with a horse and buggy. And most certainly a foot race. There’s no doubt that with Ford’s new (and faster) pony car arriving, we’re also going to see tons of Mustang GT vs Camaro SS drag race videos all over the internet. But it’s a safe bet that none will look like this one.

Mustang GT

That’s because the good guys over at Motor Trend decided to do their drag race a little different. Namely, instead of using paved roads and Christmas trees, this showdown takes place on dirt. In the desert. Just in case you’re wondering what would happen if you were cruising your Mustang GT around a local dry lake bed and some dude in a Camaro pulled up on you, here’s your answer!

Alright, so maybe that isn’t the most realistic scenario. But that doesn’t make this little scientific test any less fun to watch. The idea is simple. Line up these two modern muscle cars, start ’em up, and see who can cover the distance of exactly one mile the fastest. So who came out on top in this dusty drag race? Well, as our voice-over duly notes, “the Mustang beat the Camaro over and over and over again.”

Mustang GT

Which is interesting, given the Mustang’s 35 lb-ft torque disadvantage, though it also packs five more horsepower. Take into account the fact that the Mustang also weighs 117 pounds more than the Camaro, and it makes you wonder. Is the new 5.0-liter Coyote’s 460 pony rating a little underrated? MT sure seems to think so.

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