Roush Introduces New 700 Horsepower Phase 1 Supercharger

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Roush has already raised the bar for the 2018 Mustang with its new Phase 1 supercharger.

Coyote 5.0 engines are already on their third generation of development, and with the addition of direct injection, tuners have had a field day getting big numbers out of the car. Roush is keeping up their traditional partnership with Ford by offering a new Phase 1 supercharger kit that’s bolstered with a full warranty (even beyond the scope of Ford’s factory warranty). As an added bonus, you get about 700 crank horsepower, or 603 wheel horsepower.

Phase 1  costs $7,699, and in return Roush provides a TVS2650 supercharger, intercooler, larger throttle body, along with new upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds. Of course, you’ll also get the new calibration software to have the car’s computer learn the new settings necessary. Along with 700 horsepower, you’ll get 610 lbs-ft of torque, regardless of which transmission you bought with the car.

Roush 2018 Mustang GT Phase 1 Supercharger

There’s fine print, of course, and the only way that warranty will stand is if you have the whole package installed by a ford dealer, or equivalent ASE tech. That’s a small price to pay when a Mustang can put a supercar on notice with this upgrade.

With Phase 1 already out, it only begs the question: “what about Phase 2 and Phase 3?” Obviously their performance levels are going to have to exponentially exceed Phase 1 in order to justify a difference in price, but we’ve already seen companies like Hellion extract 800 horsepower from the 5.0. We suspect Phase 2 from Roush will just about meet that number. Will Phase 3 have more than 900  horsepower? That’s to be determined, but with enough work, Roush can pull it off.

At this point though, horsepower wars are simply a numbers game, so in order to truly be able to use those levels of twist and grunt, there’s countless more things you have to do to support it. And there’s countless people who want to do exactly that to their cars.

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