Dealer Stuck With 50 Identical Neiman Marcus Mustangs

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What happens when you seriously misjudge the market for your Neiman Marcus special edition tuner cars?

The Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog is always full of super high-end dream items, and often includes special edition cars. Last year, among the $1.5 million gold plated private jet, and the his-and-hers FIAT Jollys, was a nearly $100k special edition Ford Mustang.

According to the Christmas Book listing, just 100 of these cars would be made, all convertibles with a manual transmission, body kit, two-tone paint, and aftermarket supercharger good for 700 hp. Buying one would also get you a weekend course in Ford’s racing school, which you probably would need with 600 ft-lbs of torque.

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There is no telling how many were sold by Neiman, and converted by Classic Design Concepts, but Russ Milne Ford in Macom, Michigan got the remainder. Also sitting on their showroom floor is the one and only prototype, which you can have for just slightly less than 100-grand via eBay. You have to ask yourself, though: is a body kit, wheels, paint, lowering springs, and a blower (plus labor) worth $50k?

If the answer is no, then how about a sweet $10k discount off MSRP on one of the 2016 Mustang GT convertibles that were to be the basis of these tuner cars? Michigan isn’t too friendly to convertibles in the winter, or the spring, or much of the fall, but Russ Milne will be happy to sell you one to drive home to warmer climes.

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