Mustang Split in Half During Street-Racing Incident

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Street-racing crash is yet another reminder that speeding is better left to the racetrack.

If there ever was a picture of the dangers that come with Mustang street racing, this would be it. Unfortunately, they just don’t get much clearer.

In fact, this photo should be shared on every car forum in the word as yet another reminder of the risks people take when they decide to speed.

According to a FOX 11 news report, the incident occurred this past Sunday in Palmdale, California, after the gray Mustang (pictured) was racing another Mustang. Apparently, the gray Mustang split in half when it hit a light pole after being unable to stop at the intersection when the light turned red. The force of the collision ripped the Mustang in two.

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Two patients were taken to the hospital, according to the report. The passenger is listed in critical condition, while the driver sustained only moderate injuries. What is perfectly clear is the idea that regardless of how good you might think your skills are behind the wheel, they’re never good enough to avoid the dangers that come with street racing.

Please, friends, let’s be sure to make safety a top priority when it comes to the passion involved in owning a Mustang. If you absolutely have a desire to race in your car, find a nearby racetrack where there are more safety elements in place to protect you and everyone else.

That said, here’s hoping for a speedy recovery for all involved in this Mustang accident.

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