Colorado Hail Storm Like Something Out of a Horror Movie

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Sudden freak hail storm smashes windshield and wrecks car.

If you have never witnessed one of these freak storms with hail stones bigger than pocket change, then you really cannot understand the destruction they can cause. National Severe Storm Laboratories estimates that a typical .4-inch hail stone has a terminal velocity of 20 mph, which doesn’t seem all that bad. But hail stones as big as 3 inches have been reported, which can weigh 1 -1/2 pounds of hard ice, and can hit speeds of  over 100 mph on their way down. Imagine a major league pitcher hurling ice balls at your car, and you can imagine the damage.

If you need proof of nature’s velocity, check out what this recent storm in Texas did to a Mustang. And the rear window was completely destroyed.

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Things aren’t much better in Colorado, as you can see in the videos below. YouTube dashcam owner Denver Ironman was cruising down I-70 earlier this month in the rain, when suddenly things took a turn for the worse. You can hear the hail crashing onto the roof and hood of his car, like invisible monsters swinging sticks. It is like something out of a horror or sci-fi movie. Suddenly, a stone hits the windshield so hard it cracks and spiderwebs, and he is trapped in traffic, with no way to get to shelter.

Denver Ironman’s car likely suffered thousands of dollars worth of paint and body damage, not to mention the windows. He is surprisingly not freaked out about it, though, as you can hear in the phone call he makes in the second half of the video. Warning though, his language gets pretty NSFW, as you can imagine

So what do you do if this happens to you? Try to find an overpass to stop under. Otherwise, remain calm and don’t make things worse by causing a traffic accident. These severe weather events tend to begin and end quickly.

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