Vortech-blown 2018 Mustang Breaks During Record Attempt

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Sadly, 700-plus horsepower, a stock suspension and multiple fast passes don’t make your Mustang’s axle invincible.

The 2018 Mustang is relatively new in the automotive world. But that hasn’t stopped a few folks from immediately modding them. And why not? The latest iteration of Ford’s pony car is one of the best yet, and certainly one of the fastest out of the box. A little work and you can easily break off some seriously impressive quarter-mile times. Just take the above video from YouTuber Michael Mac and his crazy fast 2018 Stang, for example.

Mac’s ‘Stang uses a Vortech supercharger to produce north of 700 horsepower. And unlike most race cars, he likes to run it on good old 93 octane pump gas. Throw on a set of drag radials, and you’ve got a pretty solid dual purpose Mustang that can run with the best of ’em. But there’s just one problem with making big power on any otherwise (mostly) stock car. Stuff will inevitably break.


Mac found that out the hard way recently when he was attempting to break the pump gas e.t. record. But not before he rips off a solid 10.51 pass at 135 mph. And then a 10.54 @ 138. But on the next (attempted) pass, things quickly went south. He decided to use a newly installed trans brake, on a car that has a 100 percent stock suspension. And that proved to be a fatal error.


Letting off the brake at 3,500 did nothing else than break Mac’s axle boot and an axle. And thankfully, nothing else. But this little setback isn’t going to deter Mac from pushing forward, that’s for sure. He’s promised to have new axles in his Mustang within days. Hopefully he’ll take advantage of the “opportunity” and upgrade to some stronger aftermarket pieces. Which maybe makes this little bit of carnage worthwhile in the long run.

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