Mustang Owner’s Dash Cam Captures Dealership Abuse in Action

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Simple alignment turns into a burnt clutch, speeding, burnouts, and a total nightmare for this Mustang owner.

Many of us still trust dealerships to service our vehicles. But there seems to be a growing trend of incidents where various employees are caught abusing our beloved performance cars. Granted, this phenomenon is likely nothing new. It’s just being documented now that things like dash cams and other technology are cheap and accessible to the masses. But that doesn’t make Mustang owner Suhail Sood‘s recent incident at a Ford dealership any less shocking.

Sood dropped off his S550 Mustang for an alignment, but grew suspicious when the simple job took a whopping three hours to complete. That led him to check his dash cam to see what had transpired. And what he found shocked him. Turns out, mechanics from the dealership took his Mustang on a joy ride that involved burning up his clutch, spinning tires, and grossly speeding on multiple occasions.

Ford Mustang

Granted, it’s completely normal to take a short test drive after completing work like this to ensure everything is good to go. But as you can clearly see in the footage above, the employee driving the car goes far beyond that.

Amid all the hooning, he there’s plenty of conversation that confirms what’s going on. At one point, he says “dang this s*** kick!…They got the wrong one test driving this car. I’m hittin’ this s***.” Later, after a driver change and a pull, you can clearly hear them discussing the smell of a burning clutch.

Obviously, anyone would be furious to see this happen to their car. So Jalopnik reached out to Sood and the dealership to find out if there was an amicable solution. “It’s very frustrating. I’m annoyed,” Sood told Jalopnik. “I was hot-headed for the first three days.”

The dealership offered to refund the cost of the $380 alignment, but only if Sood took down his post. Sood, however, wants the dealership to inspect and service any and all parts/fluids that might have suffered premature wear during the incident. The dealership promptly refused his demands, though they did terminate the employment of all the employees involved in the incident.

Ford Mustang

After numerous attempts to contact the dealership, Jalopnik finally reached someone. “I spoke to the gentleman myself, and we tried to make this right for him,” the employee said. “The demands that he is requesting that we do is… outrageous. I want to work with the gentleman as much as I can, but I’m not going to be threatened with social media.” He goes on to say that “things happen in this country,” and “a Mustang high performance car can be driven at 75 mph… it doesn’t ruin tires and brakes and rotors and all this stuff.”

Sood’s demands are indeed quite comprehensive, but you certainly can’t blame him for being upset. Nor for bringing attention to how dealership employees treated his Mustang. We just hope that the two can come to some sort of resolution. And most importantly, we hope that shedding light on these problems will help prevent similar incidents from occurring moving forward.

Photos: Suhail Hood

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