Shelby Will Give You Track Time With a Mustang Before You Buy

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Shelby Mustangs are things of legend. They’re super powerful, super tail happy, and have one of the best soundtracks you could ever possibly want. These cars are impressive, but for those that have never driven one, or even experienced one, how do you know you should buy one? It’s not exactly like you get to explore the limits of a car during a test drive, right? But what if you could? What if you could try it before you buy it? Well, that’s exactly what Shelby is planning on doing.

According to Shelby American, they are launching a new track experience that starts next month on May 9th. It allows drivers to get behind the wheel of a few different cars including a 2015 Shelby GT, a 2014 Shelby GT500, and the base model 2015 Mustang GT. All come with help and tutelage from some of Shelby’s own pro drivers.

Essentially, you pay Shelby $2,500 for one of these track days, which also includes lunch and refreshments, and you get to test out some of their products. And if you like one of the cars, that original $2,500 would be put toward buying one of the cars. It’s a pretty cool idea, and hopefully one that will work. Now that you all know about this, who wants to head down to Vegas and hit up their new test track next month?

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via [Shelby Media]

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