Roush-tuned Mustang GT Slays Dodge Demon

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You don’t need NHRA credentials to buy a Demon. That’s why the internet is loaded with videos of them getting destroyed at the strip.

We’ll admit it: The Dodge Challenger has its merits. It’s a big, comfortable coupe with acres of room inside and usable back seats. It’s fun regardless of what engine is under the hood. And frankly, FCA has done the world a service by making horsepower so cheap. But as soon as it launched the drag-strip-special Demon, that was it. FCA’s big, aging coupe had a big, fat target on its back.

And that’s mostly self-imposed. Sure, the Demon, in the right hands, slays at the drag strip. But you don’t need NHRA credentials to buy a Demon, all you need is cash. That’s why the internet is loaded with videos of Demons getting destroyed at the strip.

Here’s another one just for good measure.

Roush Mustang GT taking on Dodge Demon.

Despite the name, YouTuber itsjusta6 doesn’t have a V6-powered Mustang. He’s got a Roush-tuned 5.0. And at a recent meetup, a Demon driver challenged him to a race. “My heart is pounding,” he says. “I’ve been waiting on this for so long.” He calls the Demon “the flagship car on the market right now.” Truly, this race will be one for the ages.

What’s more, The ‘Stang is running on street tires. Compared to the Demon, which is running on drag radials and skinny front tires. On the way to the race, he admits that he’s pretty nervous. “I’m not gonna lie to you, I’m pretty nervous. I’ve never ran a car nearly this fast.” He explains: “The Dodge Demon is the fastest car on the street right now. Everybody knows how fast they are.” But since his car makes about 780 horsepower, he certainly won’t be blown away.

Roush Mustang GT taking on Dodge Demon.

Then comes the first pass. Starting at 60 miles per hour, he floors the Roush-powered Mustang and instantly breaks grip. Bravely (or maybe foolishly), they try again, rolling down the highway for a second pull. Incredibly, the GT doesn’t just beat the Demon, it leaves it in the dust. “We just rolled from fourth and completely obliterated that car,” he says in disbelief. “That was just disrespectful,” his passenger adds.

Again, this is on a wet road with street tires. He doesn’t want to make the run again, due to the conditions. But after his buddies tell him he beat the Demon by around six car lengths, he’s pretty happy. This is by no means a stock GT, it is indeed a Roush monster. But it’s pretty cool seeing the big guy on the block get beaten – again – by another Mustang.

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