Mustang GT Proves Hellcat Charger is a Real Challenge, But Not By Much

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Compared to the Mustang GT, it’s hard to tell where that extra 245 horsepower is going in the Hellcat.

2018 was a big year for the Mustang GT, with the 5.0’s bump in power putting the scare in a lot of other powerful cars. For Ronnie who runs the MotorTube channel on YouTube, that bump in power is enough to justify buying one to be a stablemate to his Challenger Hellcat. Now that the Mustang GT has surpassed break in mileage, it’s time to see how it compares against another Hellcat.

Outcome from this race is already predicted with a solid “L” for the GT, but the curiosity lies on just how much of a gap a stock Hellcat can pull on the Ford.Each car is equipped with an automatic transmission, but the Ford has two extra gears and the advantage of much lighter weight.

Races were set up in a couple of different ways. From a 60 roll, which Ronnie says is his worst speed to roll from, the Charger pulls away immediately. But from lower speeds, the Hellcat puts down the power a bit worse than the Mustang on a real-world surface. Because of that, the Mustang stays far ahead for a long way.

Hellcat vs Mustang GT

It’s easy to assume the Mustang GT would have an easy time up against a Scat Pack, but the comments section on this video say a completely different story. Perhaps loyalty to Mopar is clouding their reality but they call the Mustang a “5.slow” and that a Scat Pack would destroy a “weak Mustang.”

Hellcat vs Mustang GT

Truth be told, the Mustang is rated 0.1 slower to 60mph when compared to the Challenger Scat Pack, but that’s under controlled environments. Real world conditions provide a very different story, and so does roll racing. Truth will come out when MotorTube puts that race with the Scat Pack together.

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