YouTuber’s Mustang GT Wins Over Dodge Demon Fan

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Once-obstinate Charger and Challenger owners fall hard for S550 Ford Mustang, ‘Black Mamba.’

It’s a Mustang fan’s dream to convert a Challenger or Camaro fan. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t happen all that often. Maybe it’s because the Ford versus Chevy versus Mopar ponycar rivalry is now over half-a-century old. Or maybe it’s because owners don’t let other people drive their cars all that often. Whatever the reason, this video is an antidote to all that. Because it shows two die-hard Mopar fans falling in love with a Mustang GT.

Posted by YouTube channel R/T Life, the host of the video is joined by fellow Mopar YouTuber Tunnel Chaser. And despite calling this video “WORST Mustang review EVER uploaded on YouTube,” the Charger and Demon owners are both very complimentary.

Mopar mutiny

The Mustang GT comes courtesy of YouTuber StangMode. The car, known as “Black Mamba” is fairly stock, though it has an E85 tune, some beefier tires and a few other mods. Oh, and a stripped interior, which makes Tunnel Chaser’s ride a little uncomfortable, especially when some hard acceleration puts a fuel pump where the sun doesn’t shine.

The Black Mamba Mustang GT winning over Mopar fan.

Still, both Mopar fanatics seem to fall in love with the car within a few minutes. The driver goes from saying “that’s fun, I like it,” to “I love this car!” in no time. Tunnel Chaser, despite being knocked all over the cabin, declares “I could live with this!” after a few hard pulls on a straightaway.

So despite being die-hard Mopar guys, and despite promising the worst Mustang review, the final result is very satisfying to watch. Maybe next time a Chevy or Mopar guy gives you a hard time about your Mustang, invite them for a drive. We’ve got a feeling that you’ll be able to make some converts pretty easily.

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