1967 GT500 by Revology: The Perfect Mustang?

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Old school styling and modern hardware is nothing new, but what makes this Shelby different?

From a theoretical standpoint, factory restorations are a bit easy to pull off. Before you get up in arms and fill the comment section with examples of why that’s wrong, just know that the amount of hours and know-how needed for that type of work, is very thoroughly understood.

Revology 1967 GT500 Shelby

What’s needed for a factory restoration is fairly straight forward, however, compared with a resto-mod, thin ice must be trodden to find the perfect combination of upgraded and new hardware; all while not losing the soul and appeal of the original. You’re painted into a corner, because new things must look and feel old, and that’s not so easy to accomplish. From what we can tell, though, Revology has set the new bar in this category, with their Shelby GT500.

Modern parts and pieces are draped by an all new, but Ford licensed steel body with modern touches like LED lighting. Under the hood is a Roush Coyote V8, blower and all, with 600 horsepower. While an automatic is on offer, you’ll want the 6-speed manual, which sends power through a limited slip differential and ultimately to performance tires. Controlling all of that is a 3-link rear suspension, and up front are unequal length control arms. One must stop 600 horsepower at some point, so multi-piston calipers with performance pads are employed on all four corners for the task of shedding speed.

Styling had to stay vintage for the interior, but many of the parts are now upgraded. Back-lit gauges by Shelby mean you can see the gauges clearer. Bluetooth is now included to keep you ticket free, and other things like a 7″ touch screen in the center console, power windows, and air conditioning are part of the package now.

We think Revology has built an incredible machine here, but you’ll have to have a seat once you hear the cost. There’s no way to soften the blow, it’s priced at a very modern $220,000, and more so if you tack on some special options.

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