Red-Hot Mustang SVT Cobra: Instagram Spotlight

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Mustang SVT Cobra

The color red is commonly used to depict danger, passion, and heat. This Mustang SVT Cobra and its owner have us in danger of passionately overheating.

We at The Mustang Source scour the web and all social media channels to bring you the hottest Mustangs from around the world. Sometimes we get lucky with a few cool rides, but sometimes we get really lucky with some hot rides and some even hotter owners. This is the perfect example of the latter.

Behold the scorching Instagram feed of @Mecro and her lovely Mustang SVT Cobra, which she loves to pose with along with her gorgeous doggie, which looks like a long haired German Shepherd.

Contrary to her photos, her profile doesn’t reveal much about Mecro. It simply states “Nerdy Nurse, Star Wars, Cars, Anime, and SVT Cobra and SVT Focus.” That’s right, this gorgeous Mustang owner doesn’t only own an iconic American muscle car, but also a European performance icon, the SVT Ford Focus.

After joyously browsing through her feed we can deduct that she loves her Cobra and dog (duh!), Star Wars, cosplay, and driving her followers crazy with her revealing outfits. If you don’t believe us, look for yourselves!

Chances are you stopped reading halfway into this and jumped to the photos already.


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