5.4L Turbo Mustang Tears up the Track

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Thin mint plus blacktop equals spellbinding speed.

Does borrowing paint from Aston Martin make your Mustang classier? If running sub seven-second quarter miles is your idea of chic and elegant, then the answer is yes.

The turquoise paint isn’t going to fool anybody into thinking the Thin Mint Mustang will appear in the next Bond movie. But it is a novel departure from your typical black or red. And like the Girl Scout cookies it takes its name from, this Thin Mint is gone before you know it.

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Under the hood is where this green machine really delivers the goods. It sports a 5.4-liter V8 like other Mustangs. But in another nod to high society, this engine was pilfered from a Lincoln Navigator. Helping it live its best life is a 78 mm turbocharger pushing 12 pounds of boost through a race-prepped transmission.

The paint isn’t exactly an Aston factory hue, either. It’s a blue used on some Vanquish models mixed with a light green offered on 1970s Mach1 Mustangs. But neither of those cars can come close to running Thin Mint’s best time of 6.32. Considering the car weighs over 3,300 pounds, it must be putting down some serious power.

The driver clearly knows what he’s doing, too. In this video, he handily dispatches his rivals across the first three rounds of street class at Missouri’s F-Body Mustang Meet. He goes as far as the semi-finals, where progress halts at a white car that nearly runs 6 seconds flat. Still, you have to give him credit for consistency. With times all between 6.5 and 6.7 seconds, the car consistently tracks straight and true.

Other Mustangs can go fast or look good. But this one’s got a pretty hard-to-beat combination of speed and style, right down to the Cobra emblem and black hardtop. You might even call it one of our perennial favorites.

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