Enjoy this Shameless RTR Drift Mustang Promo

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Videos like this can be fun, even when they’re products of corporate marketing.

There’s no doubt about it: this video is a marketing exercise. That’s okay, it’s great. Ford Performance has actually been impressing us with their short videos lately. Whoever they hired, they need to give them a raise! The video is literally less than a minute long, so, you know. Watch it.

Having fun yet? Great. These two Mustangs are the Pony cars Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Chelsea DeNofa will be driving for the 2018 Formula DRIFT season. The two Mustangs bear a passing resemblance to the road-going RTR Mustangs offered through the same company, but as with most competitive drift machines, that’s where the resemblance ends. Though a spec chart wasn’t forthcoming, we like what we’re seeing. The Mustang will pull the inside wheel off the ground when the g-forces put enough twist on the chassis. In an Instagram post about the car, Gittin Jr. said “Yes the 2018 @mustangrtr #spec5d 3-wheels on demand!”

2018 RTR Mustangs Formula D

One refreshing thing we liked about the video was the lack of an overbearing soundtrack. Is a high-revving V8 and tire-thrashing the soundtrack what you’re hoping for? Good, because that’s what we get.

If you like the RTR style, they have a couple stages of street cars available that bump the power up a touch and give you a little more style on top of those dashing Mustang good-looks. The package is available on the EcoBoost and GT models. If you haven’t driven the EcoBoost, it’s honestly not bad. We could use a little more exhaust note, but the turbo four packs a decent punch. Certainly not as much as the 5.0 though. Call us old-fashioned, but we like our Mustangs with eight cylinders.

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