Mustang GT Exorcises Hellcat from the Highways of ‘Mexico’

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From the passenger seat of his friend’s Challenger Hellcat, YouTube witnesses greatest from the Blue Oval corral in nighttime roll race.

The wide highways and byways across the United States are usually where more than a few people spend their days commuting to and from work, tons of trucks pulling in and out of the city to transfer goods, and everyone just wants to go to their intended destinations.

We at The Mustang Source neither condone nor do endorse racing on public streets and highways, but the fact remains that at night, though, these roads become road racer central. Such is the case for YouTuber Rush Shift, whose friend took his Challenger Hellcat to a nighttime gathering for some action, where more than a few Mustangs eagerly awaiting a challenge.

Mustang Roll Race

“We did a video like this, and we called it the ‘Night Shift’ segment on the channel,” Shift said. “Tonight, we’re back for the ‘Night Shift, Round 2.’ It’s gonna be a crazy night just like last time, but this time, we’re racing faster cars. It’s gonna be a little more wild. We’re pretty stoked for it.”

Mustang GT on Race Fuel

Right away, a white Mustang rolls up on the Hellcat before pulling away from the big cat in a sign of things to come for Shift and his friend. But before any of that goes down, they first pull into a gas station for some 100-octane fluids, then head to a random parking lot to get it together before setting off on their high-speed adventures.

Mustang Roll Race

Plenty of Mustangs were pulling into the meetup, like the ruby red pony above with gold wheels wrapped in Falkens. There were also more than a handful of Corvettes, Camaros, and a Caddy here and there. Among all of them, though, was a blue Mustang GT just waiting to get its hooves on the Hellcat’s tail.

Mustang Roll Race

After a few rolls, the blue Mustang GT finally arrives, blasting past both the Hellcat and a black Mustang on the first go.

Mustang Roll Race

Another race later, the black Mustang returns for a rematch with just the Hellcat. The first run is cut short when the pony has to pass by a slower car, though it was pulling away when it ended. The second time around goes better for the Mustang, however, getting a nose at the end of the roll.

Roll Race

The main event of the night arrived with a pair of rolls against the blue Mustang GT. The first time saw Shift and his friend watch the nightmare leave their Hellcat far behind on their left, while the second time was just a repeat of the first, though the driver did pull back to receive the thumbs-up from Shift.

Roll Race

“What a night,” said Shift. “That was wild! I hope you guys enjoyed that footage. It was a lot of action and good races for the most part. A lot of faster cars than last week.”

Alas, the meet was cut short due to police knocking on their back door. But that’s life in the fast lanes of ‘Mexico.’

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